Hello, Halloumi

A new recipe from Hetty Lui McKinnon combines salty halloumi cheese, jarred marinara and harissa for a fantastically easy five-ingredient…

How Will I Know if My Braise Is Ready?

In the second installment of Ask Kenji, the cookbook author Kenji López-Alt tackles tough questions about tender meat.

A Weeknight Skillet Chicken Dinner, Rich With Greens

This forgiving and adaptable weeknight dinner stars tender chicken thighs, braising greens and whole garlic cloves.

At San Sabino, the Don Angie Team Looks to the Sea

Siete serves up vegan Mexican dishes, Tucci brings contemporary Italian into the Delmonico’s portfolio and more restaurant news.

Weeknight Chicken Marbella, Briny and Lush With Olives and Prunes

Rick Martinez’s streamlined recipe updates a 1980s favorite for 2024 weeknights.

An Old Trick to the Crispiest Tofu

Why fry when you can freeze?

NYC Restaurant Sheds Are Here to Stay. Here Are the New Guidelines.

The city’s Department of Transportation issued new rules for Dining Out NYC, its official program, and more food news.

Five Easy Dill Dinners

Ginger-dill salmon, skillet chicken with orzo, dill and feta and (frozen) fava bean stew are herbaceously springy.

When Canceling Your Reservation Costs as Much as Dinner

To celebrate his wife’s birthday in 2022, Brian Azara, a mechanical engineer in New York City, booked a table for…

A New Era for the Golden Mall

Once the pre-eminent food court in Flushing, Queens, for a variety of regional Chinese cuisines, this mall has reopened after…

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