My Boyfriend Said He’d Save Our Cat but Not a Stranger if Both Were Drowning

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether there is inherent value in human life more than any other kind of life.

The Poems That Taught Me How to Love

Lessons from the Chilean poet’s mind-bending verse.

Can a Sexless Marriage Be a Happy One?

Will and Rose met online 10 years ago. His screen name was professorparsley, and he looked the part — tall…

The Rom-Com That’s Responsible for My 30-Year Marriage

The 1992 movie “Singles” changed my life.

My Girlfriend Said She Loved Me. Should I Say It Back Even if I’m Not Sure?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether it’s OK to profess love if you’re uncertain you feel it.

Online Dating After 50 Can Be Miserable. But It’s Also Liberating.

When my marriage collapsed after 23 years, I was devastated and overwhelmed. I was in my 50s, with two jobs,…

The Playwright Who Fearlessly Reimagines America

When the playwright Suzan- Lori Parks was in high school,a teacher asked what she wanted to be as an adult.…

In Defense of Never Learning How to Cook

I hated domesticity so much that for years, I lived happily without a kitchen. This $19 device helped me survive.

My Friend Is a Spendthrift With a Sick Dog. Should I Give to Her GoFundMe?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on the value of donating to a fund-raiser for a pet in need — despite its…

How Khruangbin’s Sound Became the New Mood Music

The Texan trio’s vibes have spawned countless imitators, but their magic isn’t so easy to replicate.

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