Horse Racing’s Loudest Critic Is Favored in Its Biggest Race

In the world according to Mike Repole, everyone involved in horse racing is a dummy. Except him, Mike from Queens…

A Race the Whole World Is Watching

Taiwo Aina for The New York Times The race to decide this year’s English soccer champion has captivated fans. But…

Alpine Is Trying, It Really Is, to Win in Formula 1

The team keeps making changes, to its cars and to its team, but continues to struggle.

Andrettis Keep Fighting to Enter F1

The sport just rejected their offer to create the 11th team, but Michael Andretti said they were not going away.

The Miami Grand Prix Matures

The Miami race had a rocky first year, but organizers learned from their rookie mistakes.

As Kentucky Derby Nears, Last Year’s Deaths Cast Long Shadow

The Kentucky Derby has been run through two World Wars, the Great Depression, civil rights unrest and, most recently, a…

NASCAR and Its Race Teams Fight Over the Sport’s Future

When Michael Jordan and his right-hand man, Curtis Polk, bought a NASCAR team in 2020 with the driver Denny Hamlin,…

I’ll Sign Your Baseball if You Sign Mine

As fans and collectors clamor for autographs, Major League Baseball players have built a network — and an etiquette —…

She Accused a Rowing Legend of Abuse. Now He Is Being Erased From the Sport.

A law firm examining accusations that Ted Nash sexually abused Jennifer Fox — when she was 13 and he was…

Lessons in Democracy From F.C. Porto

A powerful president and a popular rival highlight an election that has already featured fights, arrests and accusations of intimidation.

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