Bird Flu Is Our Fault

We don’t yet know if H5N1 bird flu will spill over from animals to infect a large number of humans.…


Uncovering What Audubon Missed, and What He Made Up

In “The Birds That Audubon Missed,” Kenn Kaufman delves into the fierce, at times unethical, competition among early American ornithologists.


Seriously, Now Is the Time to Stop Kissing Sick Birds

A citizen-science collaboration in New York has turned up a half-dozen birds infected with the avian flu virus.


Do Birds Dream?

What new research on the avian brain and REM sleep in birds might reveal about our own dream lives.


With an Orange-Tufted Spiderhunter, Birder Breaks Record for Sightings

In February, Peter Kaestner beat out the competition to document his 10,000th bird species.


These Birds Are National Symbols but Getting Harder to See

The American tropics are uniquely blessed with birds. Thirty-six percent of the world’s 11,000 bird species live in the region…


This Bird Is Half Male, Half Female, and Completely Stunning

A green honeycreeper spotted on a farm in Colombia exhibits a rare biological phenomenon known as bilateral gynandromorphism.


Bird, an Electric Scooter Company, Files for Bankruptcy

The company, once a high-flying start-up whose services were hailed as the next big thing in personal transportation, lost much…


Bird Flu Is Still Causing Havoc. Here’s the Latest.

The virus, which recently reached the Antarctic region for the first time, is surging again in North America.


Why Mister Grouse Is the Friendliest Bird in the Forest

When Bill Hartline bought 50 acres of forested land outside Muncy, Pa., he was looking for a bit of solitude…

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