Can a 50-Year-Old Idea Save Democracy?

The economist and philosopher Daniel Chandler thinks so. In “Free and Equal,” he makes a vigorous case for adopting the…


How Did Black Forest Cake Become the World’s Favorite Dessert?

It’s a classic Trinidadian dessert — a chocolate cake soaked in overproof rum and topped with swoops of ultrapasteurized whipped…


Give Fondant a Chance

LAST SPRING, THE British baker Sarah Hardy happened upon a painting by the late Colombian artist Fernando Botero, “Feliz Cumpleaños”…


This Cake Maker Finds Beauty in Change, Time and Even Life and Death

A decade ago, Jasmine Rae de Lung, a San Francisco-based cake maker, wanted to test out some new decorating elements.…


The Longer This Cake Soaks, the Better It Is

The faint bitterness of Thai tea gets absorbed into tres leches, checking the sweetness, so it’s just enough.


The Best Black Cake, a West Indian Delight, Starts at Home

For many in the Caribbean diaspora, there is no substitute for this deeply flavorful fruitcake.


This Is the Ultimate Chocolate Cake

I once read an interview with the French chef Alain Ducasse, in which he said: “Sugar is the enemy of…


4 Recipes for a Memorable Juneteenth Celebration

Hibiscus barbecue chicken, a bright-red chow chow, a showstopping cake and more for your holiday table.


Our Best Lemon Dessert Recipes

Bars, pies, cakes: We have all the sweet-tart classics and new favorites, too.


William Greenberg Jr., Baker Who Sweetened Manhattan, Dies at 97

He used poker winnings to open a modest bakery in 1946 that grew into an artisanal dessert empire, tempting New…

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