Apple Will Revamp Siri to Catch Up to Its Chatbot Competitors

Apple plans to announce that it will bring generative A.I. to iPhones after the company’s most significant reorganization in a…


Meta’s A.I. Assistant Is Fun to Use, but It Can’t Be Trusted

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s hope for the chatbot to be the smartest, it struggles with facts, numbers and web search.


How the A.I. That Drives ChatGPT Will Move Into the Physical World

Companies like OpenAI and Midjourney build chatbots, image generators and other artificial intelligence tools that operate in the digital world.…


We Need to Talk (Just as Soon as I Consult ChatGPT)

Faced with challenging situations in parenting, romance or work, some are getting by with a little help from their A.I.…


Four Takeaways From the Proud Boys Jan. 6 Sedition Trial So Far

Prosecutors have started to lay out evidence that they say shows how members of the far-right pro-Trump group conspired to…


Bing (Yes, Bing) Just Made Search Interesting Again

Google has stiff competition now, after Microsoft integrated powerful A.I. technology into its search engine.


How Smart Are the Robots Getting?

Franz Broseph seemed like any other Diplomacy player to Claes de Graaff. The handle was a joke — the Austrian…


Don’t Ban ChatGPT in Schools. Teach With It.

OpenAI’s new chat bot is raising fears of cheating on homework, but its potential as an educational tool outweighs its…


A.I. Is Becoming More Conversant. But Will It Get More Honest?

On a recent afternoon Jonas Thiel, a socioeconomics major at a college in northern Germany, spent more than an hour…


The New Chat Bots Could Change the World. Can You Trust Them?

Siri, Google Search, online marketing and your child’s homework will never be the same. Then there’s the misinformation problem.

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