When the Alternative to Foster Care Is an Unsafe Home, There Is Only One Right Choice

In February of 2023, Phoenix Castro was born in San Jose, Calif., suffering from neonatal opioid withdrawal after being exposed…


Can a 50-Year-Old Idea Save Democracy?

The economist and philosopher Daniel Chandler thinks so. In “Free and Equal,” he makes a vigorous case for adopting the…


Come on, Kids. Let’s Grab Drinks.

The first time Tom Mathe, head bartender at L’Avenue in Manhattan, saw a child order a mocktail, he didn’t know…


Dan Schneider Sues ‘Quiet on Set’ Creators, Saying Series Defamed Him

In the suit, lawyers for the former Nickelodeon producer called the documentary a “hit job” that had falsely painted him…


Is It Wrong for Public School Principals to Send Their Kids to Private School?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on double standards — and possible hypocrisy — among educators.


When Your Mom Is Famous for Hating Motherhood

In Heidi Reimer’s debut novel, “The Mother Act,” a daughter grapples with being parented (or not) by an actress who…


A.I.-Generated Child Sexual Abuse Material May Overwhelm Tip Line

A report by Stanford researchers cautions that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children doesn’t have the resources to…


I’m Pregnant, and My Husband Says We Can’t Tell Anyone About the Donor Egg

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to honor a spouse’s seemingly irrational request about privacy and assisted reproduction.


How to Fly Your Kid Solo, Free of Stress

For many parents and guardians, putting a child on a flight alone may seem terrifying. Belligerent passengers, delays, turbulence: All…


Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Often Go Untreated for Parents on Medicaid

The News For parents struggling with mental health or substance use disorders, access to treatment can often mean the difference…

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