Garrick Club of London Votes to Accept Female Members for First Time

The move ended a decades-long dispute that had divided the opulent private club and generated multiple conflicting legal arguments.


When a Bunch of Bloody Yanks Came for English Soccer

In the first half of a January game at Stamford Bridge, the London stadium where the Chelsea Football Club has…

Real Estate

Members-Only Mania: Why Are More Private Clubs Popping Up in New York?

In a 115-year-old ferry terminal in New York’s financial district, an abundance of excess now exists. Walls lined with Loro…


Norby Walters, 91, Dies; Music and Sports Agent Who Ran Afoul of the Law

He ran a highly successful booking agency, but his secret contacts with college athletes led to convictions (later reversed) for…


‘Buena Vista Social Club’ Review: Bringing a Classic Record to Life

A new Off Broadway musical adds the thrill of intimacy and the weight of history to the Cuban songs popularized…


Manchester City’s $500 Million Payroll Is Largest in English Soccer History

The club, which dominates the Premier League, is backed by seemingly limitless cash from its Emirati owner, Sheikh Mansour bin…


Music Too Fast for Feet

Since the continent’s clubs reopened after pandemic lockdowns, young partygoers have been drawn to a hard, driving style of techno.…


A Premier League Love Story Has Heartbreak Ahead

Luton Town’s rise to the world’s richest soccer league proves England’s fabled merit system still works. What happens next may…


Soccer’s Next Big Thing Is Buying in Bulk

Networks of clubs help top teams streamline their scouting, methods and player acquisition. But who do they really serve?


At This U.S. Open, Golfers Will Face a Rare Collection of Par 3s

There will be five of them at Los Angeles Country Club, including one with a stunning view of the city.

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