Why Higher Fed Rates Are Not Totally Off the Table

Fed officials still think their next move will be to cut rates, but they are not entirely ruling out the…


Stubborn Inflation Could Prod Fed to Keep Rates High for Longer

Hopes for substantial cuts in interest rates are fading as inflation shows more staying power than expected.


U.S. Mortgage Rates Jump Above 7% for the First Time This Year

Rates on 30-year mortgages — the most common kind among U.S. homeowners — surpassed the 7 percent mark on Thursday,…


Powell Suggests Interest Rates Could Stay High for a Longer Period

The Fed chair, along with the central bank’s No. 2 policymaker, stressed uncertainties over job growth and the persistence of…


Our Inability to Predict Inflation Is an Embarrassment to Economics

We were surprised when inflation rose. We were surprised when inflation fell. And we were surprised again when inflation stopped…


Biden’s Plan B on Inflation: Turn It Against Trump

Price pressures aren’t easing fast enough to guarantee the interest-rate cuts the president hoped to see by November, so his…


Soft Landing or No Landing? Fed’s Economic Picture Gets Complicated.

Stubborn inflation and strong growth could keep the Federal Reserve wary about interest rate cuts, eager to avoid adding vim…


Another Red-Blue Divide: Money to Feed Kids in the Summer

The governor was firm: Nebraska would reject the new federal money for summer meals. The state already fed a small…


How Low Will They Go? Wall Street’s Big Rethink on Interest Rate Cuts

Investors see Wednesday’s Consumer Price Index report as a pivotal report card on inflation and the Federal Reserve’s next move.


Fed Chair Says Central Bank Need Not ‘Hurry’ to Cut Rates

Jerome Powell said that strong economic growth gives Federal Reserve officials room to be patient, and he emphasized the institution’s…

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