Alberta Draws Academia Into Its Fight With Justin Trudeau

Alberta is seeking powers to veto funding agreements between the federal government and provincial entities, including postsecondary institutions.


Why Are We Gambling With America’s Future?

Over the past few decades, in a surge of bipartisan national self-confidence, the federal government has borrowed a lot of…


How Biden Could Turn a Supreme Court Loss on Abortion Into a Win

If you had asked me at the start of this Supreme Court term what the blockbuster abortion case would be,…


Energy Dept. Aims to Speed Up Permits for Power Lines

The Biden administration has expressed growing alarm that efforts to fight climate change could falter unless the electric grids are…


Supreme Court to Examine Clash Between Idaho Abortion Ban and Federal Law

The case, which could reverberate beyond Idaho to other states with abortion bans, is the second time in less than…


Two Lawsuits, in Texas and Idaho, Highlight Fight Over Emergency Medicine Law

Federal trial judges in Texas and Idaho came to opposite conclusions in a battle between conservative states and the U.S.…


The Bragg Case Against Trump Is a Historic Mistake

About a year ago, when Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, indicted former President Donald Trump, I was critical of…


5 Takeaways From a Year of Medicaid Upheaval

In the year after a pandemic-era policy preserving Medicaid coverage lapsed, more than 20 million people were dropped from the…


Ex-Cornell Student Admits Targeting Jewish Students With Online Threats

Patrick Dai pleaded guilty to posting a series of messages in which he threatened to stab, rape and behead Jewish…


Senate Leaders Look to Curb ‘Judge Shopping’ But In Different Ways

Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell don’t think the federal judiciary is doing enough, and each is introducing a bill…

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