After College Presidents, Republicans Are Coming for Liberal Donors

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland this week, the Republican senator Josh Hawley demanded a federal investigation into…


Embrace the Hot Restaurant Dupe

You don’t have to wait hours for a seat when there are similarly excellent restaurants throughout the city.


Israel Reopens a Gaza Crossing That Is an Important Aid Route

Israel reopened the Kerem Shalom crossing into the Gaza Strip, the Israeli agency overseeing aid deliveries in the territory said…


At SFMOMA, Disability Artwork Makes History

In 1974, Florence Ludins-Katz and Elias Katz — she an artist, he a psychologist — turned the garage of their…


Driver Dies After Crashing Into Barrier Near the White House

The Secret Service said the incident posed no threat to the public, and President Biden was in Delaware at the…


After 70 Years, Si Lewen’s Wrenching ‘Parade’ Marches On

This sequence of 63 bravura antiwar drawings hasn’t been shown in nearly seven decades but they’re up again now, thanks…


Delmore Schwartz’s Poems Are Like Salt Flicked on the World

A new omnibus compiles the poet’s books and unpublished work, including his two-part autobiographical masterpiece, “Genesis.”


Ukraine-Backed Russian Exile Groups Stage Assaults on Moscow’s Turf

The attacks and drone strikes across the southern border were intended to counter President Vladimir V. Putin’s control over Russia,…


Southern Baptists Say Justice Dept. Has Closed Abuse Inquiry Into Leadership Body

A Southern Baptist Convention leader said federal investigators had informed the executive committee that there would be no charges against…


An Asteroid Wiped Out Dinosaurs. Did It Help Birds Flourish?

Today’s birds began their evolution into more than 10,000 species long before the fateful collision, a new genetic study found.

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