The Plucky Irish Heroine of ‘Brooklyn’ Is Back — and in Crisis

Now a suburban married mother, Eilis Lacey finds herself in a quandary in “Long Island,” Colm Tóibín’s sequel to his…


U.S. Secretly Shipped New Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

Ukrainian forces for the first time used a longer-range version of weapons known as ATACMS, striking an airfield in Crimea…


To Live Past 100, Mangia a Lot Less: Italian Expert’s Ideas on Aging

Valter Longo, who wants to live to a healthy 120 or 130, sees the key to longevity in diet —…


For Two Color-Obsessed Artists, a White-Walled Home

IN 1973, THE painter Stanley Whitney moved into a long, skinny loft overlooking Cooper Square in downtown Manhattan. In the…

Real Estate

Where Do People Stay in Their Homes the Longest?

More than a third of U.S. homeowners plan to stay in their homes forever, according to a new survey.


As a Doctor, I Don’t Fear Covid as I Once Did. But I Carry Its Grave Lessons Forward.

Walking through the intensive care unit is often a lesson in how much there is to fear. Just a few…


Daddy Longlegs Have Been Hiding Extra Eyes From Us

The arachnids, which are not spiders, were thought to have only two eyes, compared with many more on spiders.


Long Covid May Lead to Measurable Cognitive Decline, Study Finds

People with long Covid symptoms scored slightly lower on a cognitive test than people who had recovered. But patients who…


Where You Can Still Glimpse the Glory of a Vanished Grand Hotel

A mile north of where the Hotel Pennsylvania once stood, a shimmering piece of its history can still be seen…


How to Survive Long-Haul Flights

Long-haul flights are generally considered to be those eight hours and over, while any that stretch past a grueling 16…

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