No ‘Hippie Ape’: Bonobos Are Often Aggressive, Study Finds

Despite their peaceful reputation, bonobos act aggressively more often than their chimpanzee cousins, a new study found.


Why Time Is Running Out Across the Maldives’ Lovely Little Islands

To live in the Maldives is to live in one of two worlds. Either you belong to the capital —…


For Some Mammals, Large Adult Daughters, Not Sons, Are the Norm

Despite a common narrative that male mammals tend to dwarf female ones, fewer than half of mammalian species display that…


When Female Frogs Face the Mating Ball, They Pretend to Croak

Female frogs have evolved a variety of tactics to avoid the advances of overeager males, proving they’re not defenseless and…


DiFi, Breaking Into the Boys’ Club

WASHINGTON — I’ve always said that the Washington Monument is an apt symbol, a Freudian obelisk redolent of all the…


No, Female Mice Are Not More Erratic

A new study challenges a century-old assumption used to exclude female mice from scientific research because of their hormonal cycles.

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