TikTok Tells Advertisers: ‘We Are Not Backing Down’

Hundreds of marketers and ad agency types flocked to TikTok’s annual sales presentation after a new law put its future…


U.S. Antitrust Case Against Google Is Just the Start

As the Justice Department’s case against Google nears an end, the federal government has more suits in the pipeline trying…


The Fed Is Eyeing the Job Market, but It’s Difficult to Read

Fed officials are watching labor trends as they contemplate when to cut rates. But different measures are telling different stories.


What to Know About China’s Export Dominance

From cars to solar panels to furniture, China is using lavish bank lending and enormous investments in robotics to cement…


E.V. Sales Are Slowing. Tesla’s Are Slumping.

More competition and flagging demand for electric vehicles has led to declining sales at Tesla.


Trump or Biden? The Stock Market Doesn’t Care.

Prediction markets say former President Donald J. Trump has a good chance of winning. So far, the stock market is…


The Market May Have Finally Hit a Real Record, But It Could Be a Problem

But Robert Shiller, the Nobel laureate, says valuations adjusted for high inflation suggest stock returns for the next decade are…

Real Estate

The Best Markets for First-Time Home Buyers

A study ranks U.S. areas for younger buyers based on metrics like availability, affordability, job opportunities and local culture.


January Was Awesome for Stock Pickers, but Can They Keep It Going?

Most active fund managers beat the market at the start of the year. But history suggests that they’re not likely…


Three Lessons From a Surprisingly Resilient Job Market

The recovery from the pandemic lockdowns has prompted economists to consider whether their playbook is outdated or just missing a…

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