Meat, Freedom and Ron DeSantis

It’s possible to grow meat in a lab — to cultivate animal cells without an animal and turn them into…


Chicken katsu, weeknight rescue

Kay Chun’s recipe cleverly shallow-fries the cutlets so they emerge golden and crispy, ready for rice, tonkatsu sauce and a…


Meet the Men Who Eat Meat (and Only Meat)

With the help of Joe Rogan, a social media trend with staying power emerged from a 2018 book, “The Carnivore…


7 Expert Tips for Cooking Chicken

In the third installment of her YouTube series, the cookbook author and chef Sohla El-Waylly will teach you how to…


What Happened to Lab-Grown Meat?

Readers discuss the viability of the flailing industry.


The Empty Promise of Endless Steak

It is a gleaming vision of a world just beyond the present: a world in which meat is abundant and…


An Easy, Quick, One-Pot Meatless Pasta, Because January

Hetty Lui McKinnon’s creamy one-pot mushroom and leek pasta comes with a reader warning: “You can’t stop eating this!”


Three Hands-Off Centerpieces to Simplify Holiday Hosting

With these dishes, which cook slowly in the oven, you can actually spend time with family and friends at holiday…


The Best Way to Cook Steak for Holiday Parties

Starting on the stove, then finishing in a low oven, ensures rosy meat with charred crusts, Genevieve Ko writes.


Mom’s Favorite Chicken Dinner Gets a Makeover

Melissa Clark takes mustardy, bread crumb-laden thighs to new heights.

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