For Her Broadway Debut, She Sings Alicia Keys’s Story

Maleah Joi Moon almost gave up on theater. Now, in her first professional role, the “Hell’s Kitchen” star is a…


How the Solar Eclipse Affected Eid Timing

Some Muslim communities rely on a centuries-old method to determine when Ramadan ends: a crescent moon. That method was harder…


Why Does Ramadan Start at Different Times in Different Places?

The exact start date of Islam’s holiest month depends on when local Islamic authorities declare the sighting of the new…


Odysseus Moon Lander to Power Down, With Aim to Extend Time on Surface

The commercial spacecraft’s builder, Intuitive Machines, released new images from the moon’s surface as the company described plans to try…


U.S. Moon Landing: How to Watch and What to Know

If all goes as planned, Odysseus, a private spacecraft, will touch down on the lunar surface on Thursday. It will…


A Spacecraft Named Odysseus Prepares to Launch to the Moon, Again

A day after SpaceX called off the flight of a spacecraft from Intuitive Machines of Houston, the company is ready…


A Spacecraft Named Odysseus Will Launch to the Moon: How to Watch

Intuitive Machines of Houston, the latest private company to attempt to carry NASA payloads to the lunar surface, will lift…


NASA Spots Signs of Twin Volcanic Plumes on Jupiter’s Moon Io

On Saturday, NASA’s Juno orbiter got a second close-up with Io, Jupiter’s third-largest moon and the most volcanic world of…


Vulcan Rocket Prepares for First Launch With Moon Lander Mission

Here’s what you need to know about United Launch Alliance and the robotic lunar spacecraft it is sending to orbit.


New Images of Jupiter’s Moon Io Capture Infernal Volcanic Landscape

Juno, a NASA mission designed to study Jupiter’s origins, sent back new views of the most eruptive world in the…

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