Should I Push My Husband to Ask for More of His Mother’s Estate?

When a woman tries to remedy a relative’s unequal generosity to her children using her own estate, her daughter-in-law wonders…


I Didn’t Truly Know My Mother Until I Cooked With Her

To connect with a parent who awes (and occasionally intimidates) everyone around her, the Times reporter Priya Krishna spends time…


The ‘Impossible Life’ of Equal Devotion to Art and Mothering

“Too much life enters this house,” Tillie Olsen, the writer, labor activist and mother of four daughters, wrote in a…


When Your Mom Is Famous for Hating Motherhood

In Heidi Reimer’s debut novel, “The Mother Act,” a daughter grapples with being parented (or not) by an actress who…


Review: In ‘Mother Play,’ Paula Vogel Unboxes a Family Story

Jessica Lange stars as a ferocious matriarch alongside Celia Keenan-Bolger and Jim Parsons in Vogel’s latest family drama.


Can I Ask My Mother-in-Law Who My Wife’s Biological Father Is?

Although his wife has long maintained that she doesn’t want to know the identity of her birth father, a reader…


Three Daughters, Three New Memoirs About Mothers

Genevieve Kingston, Susan Lieu and Kao Kalia Yang explore the complicated lives of the women who raised them.


Fulfilling Our Mom’s Dream to See the Solar Eclipse

If all goes according to plan, on April 8, our 75-year-old mother, Nancy, will be settled into a lawn chair…


What if Mom’s Not to Blame?

In a recent crop of films and television shows, grown men are obsessed with their mothers — even if they’re…


Aleksei Navalny’s Body Was Returned to His Mother, Allies Say

The Russian authorities have transferred the body, ending a grim battle for custody of his remains.

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