Can Nonprofit News Save the South From Itself?

When I moved here in 1987, Nashville had two daily newspapers: a morning paper, The Tennessean, whose editorial page leaned…


Six Dead and More Than 60 Injured After Severe Weather in Tennessee

Reed Arnold was watching TV on Saturday at his home in Clarksville, Tenn., when he saw a warning on his…


A Funny Thing Happened on Her Way Out of a Comedy Club

Sarah Berkman and Phillip Dinner were standing in a stairwell in New York when they bonded over Nashville. A little…


After School Shooting, Nashville Grieves and Ponders Its Divisions

For decades, Nashville has prospered while finding common ground between urban and rural, left and right, state and city. In…


This Is How Red States Silence Blue Cities. And Democracy.

NASHVILLE — January in Nashville ushers in two forces for chaos: erratic weather and irrational legislators. Both are massively disruptive.…

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