Bill Holman, Whose Arrangements Shaped West Coast Jazz, Dies at 96

His economical, linear writing helped define the sound of Stan Kenton’s band. He also led his own 16-piece ensemble for…


Close Friends, Competing for Coveted Olympic Spots. Who Would Make It?

Conner Mantz’s arms were shaking as he warmed up for the Olympic marathon trials in Orlando in February. Mr. Mantz,…


Why Didn’t My Sister Include Me in Her ‘Family’ Birthday Party?

A reader’s feelings are hurt after offering to fly to celebrate her sister’s 70th birthday only to be told not…


All Orcas Are Classified as a Single Species. Should They Be?

A new study suggests that two killer whale populations in the North Pacific are distinct enough to be considered separate…


Kate Middleton, Britney Spears and the Online Trolls Doubting Their Existence

Kate Middleton has long been a magnet for unproven rumors: She pressured an art gallery to remove a royal portrait!…


When It Comes to Memoirs, Divorce Is All the Rage

Lyz Lenz’s memoir, “This American Ex-Wife,” is one of several best-selling autobiographies that lift the veil on imperfect marriages.


Pivotal Hearing Could Stall Georgia Case Against Trump

A judge in Atlanta will hear evidence about the defense’s claim of a disqualifying conflict of interest among the main…


Brooklyn Man Is Charged With Assaulting Police Officers at Jan. 6 Riot

Mitchell Bosch repeatedly pushed against officers as they sought to hold back the mob loyal to former President Donald J.…


I Finally Figured Out Who ChatGPT Reminds Me Of

As the mother of an 8-year-old, and as someone who’s spent the past year experimenting with generative A.I., I’ve thought…


Flowers Are Evolving to Have Less Sex

As the number of bees and other pollinators falls, field pansies are adapting by fertilizing their own seeds, a new…

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