Tense Campuses and Police Barricades Mark New York’s Commencement Season

The first graduation celebrations will begin on Friday as the city’s colleges and universities reel from conflict over pro-Palestinian demonstrations…


In ‘Power,’ Policing and Politics Are Inextricable

Though Yance Ford’s new Netflix documentary takes on a much-explored topic, its mix of personal and polemic makes for a…


U.C.L.A. Protesters Had Metal Pipes and ‘Occupation Guide,’ Police Say

More than 40 people were arrested Monday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime, according to the police department…


Chicago Would Like Everyone to Stop Talking About 1968

Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago understands the comparison to 1968. Once again, the city is gearing up to host a…


Driver Dies After Crashing Into Barrier Near the White House

The Secret Service said the incident posed no threat to the public, and President Biden was in Delaware at the…


City College, Against Its Nature, Asks Police to End Campus Protest

The public college based in Harlem has a long history of radical politics and activism.


15-Year-Old Girl Charged With Murder in Stabbing Death of Bronx Teenager

The victim, identified by the police as Emery Mizell, 17, was attacked at an apartment building in the Soundview neighborhood…


Police Clear Tents and Arrest N.Y.U. and New School Protesters

Police officers cleared two pro-Palestinian encampments and arrested student demonstrators at New York University and the New School early Friday…


Haiti’s Police Are ‘Begging for Help’ in Battle Against Ruthless Gangs

The United States is rushing support to Haiti’s depleted police force, which is awaiting international help as it tries to…


Former Police Officer Who Protected Sex Traffickers Gets 3-Year Sentence

Wayne Peiffer, who was an officer in Brewster, N.Y., warned a sex trafficking organization about law enforcement activity in exchange…

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