U.S.C. President Censured by Academic Senate After Weeks of Turmoil

Carol Folt had been under fire for canceling a valedictorian’s speech and calling in the police, who cleared an encampment…


The Campus Protests Signal the End of an Era for the Democrats

The colleges had a choice; in most places, they chose to escalate. At Indiana University, a police sniper was stationed…


Young Voters Aren’t Happy With Biden. But Will They Abandon Him?

Are many young people distressed about the war in Gaza? Yes. Are they unhappy with President Biden’s approach to the…


Wearing Masks During the Gaza Protests

More from our inbox: Money and Politics: Congressional Salaries and Campaign FinanceCousteau’s Granddaughter, on Protecting Oceans and Marine LifeExiles From…


The Columbia Protests Made the Same Mistake the Civil Rights Movement Did

Last week I wrote about the protests that had come to dominate my professional home, Columbia University, and make headlines…


City College, Against Its Nature, Asks Police to End Campus Protest

The public college based in Harlem has a long history of radical politics and activism.


Winners and Losers of the Columbia Protests? History Will Tell.

Activism often lands on the right side of history. But history also shows that tactical mistakes — and smashing windows…


Friday Briefing

Hamas considers a cease-fire.


Biden Denounces Violence on Campus, Breaking Silence After Rash of Arrests

President Biden broke days of silence on Thursday to finally speak out on the wave of anti-Israel protests on American…


In an Online World, a New Generation of Protesters Chooses Anonymity

Doxxing and other consequences have led many student protesters on college campuses to hide their identities. That choice has been…

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