Archie Cooley, Football Coach Known as ‘the Gunslinger,’ Dies at 85

At Mississippi Valley State University, he unleashed a high-powered, pass-heavy offense that featured the future Pro Football Hall of Famer…


The Nostalgic Appeal of Mung Bean Desserts

Asian American pastry chefs are making something new of the humble legume.


One-Pot Hainanese Chicken and Rice for Harried Weeknights

Just because it’s Wednesday doesn’t mean you can’t have tender, gingery chicken and rice with a sizzled scallion sauce.


Restaurant Review: A Fresh Look at Thai Food at Bangkok Supper Club

The chef Max Wittawat offers dishes both rustic and refined in an up-to-the-moment setting.


Congressional Term Limits Might Break Congress

The recent death of the long-serving California senator Dianne Feinstein at age 90 has raised, once again, the issue of…


The Taste of Home in a Grain of Rice

Throughout September, Ia’s phone rings off the hook. “What is it?” she answers. But she already knows. The rest of…


For Perfectly Cooked Rice Every Time, Try Your Microwave

It may seem sacrilegious to stovetop loyalists, but when it comes to consistency, this household appliance is a weeknight meal’s best…


11 Easy Salmon Recipes for the Most Demanding Days

The quick-cooking fish is the ideal weeknight dinner centerpiece.


A Bright, Bold Citrus Salad Is Just the Start of This Dinner Party Menu

An Italian-style baked rice casserole and a gorgeous (and simple) almond cake round out this elegant dinner from David Tanis.


A One-Pot Salmon and Rice Dish You’ll Turn to Again and Again

For the simplest one-pot meal, fish and grains steam in the same pot, at the same time, on the stovetop.

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