The Biden Campaign’s High-Powered Effort to Define R.F.K. Jr.

Pretty much every presidential election includes a smattering of third-party and independent candidates — minor players who have slim to…


They Can’t See the Eclipse, but This Device Will Help Them Hear It

A device called LightSound is being distributed to help the blind and visually impaired experience this year’s event.


Will A.I. Take All Our Jobs? This Economist Suggests Maybe Not.

Let’s say for now that the day comes when robots and artificial intelligence can outperform human beings at every conceivable…


Alexis Smith, Artist With Eclectic Eye on American Culture, Dies at 74

She used installations, assemblage and three-dimensional murals in her commentary on Hollywood, fame and more. “I’ve made stuff out of…


An Almanac Publisher’s 2024 Prediction: ‘Tumultuous’

The publishers of the annual “Pocket Chinese Almanac” say they were alarmed looking ahead to 2024.


Federal Prosecutors Make Their Case for Gag Order on Trump

The filing was the latest volley in the fight over whether the former president should be limited in what he…


Federal Prosecutors Push to Reinstate Gag Order on Trump

In court filings, the special counsel’s office said the gag order was needed to keep the former president from making…


Jada Pinkett Smith Is Releasing Her Demons. She Hopes You Will, Too.

For decades, Jada Pinkett Smith has been plagued by misconceptions: about the dynamics of her marriage to Will Smith, about…


Audiobook of the Week: ‘The Fraud,’ by Zadie Smith

The author reads her latest novel about literary prestige, empire and a case of false identity that captivated 19th-century England.


Harry Smith Was a Culture-Altering Shaman. Can the Whitney Contain Him?

A solo show takes on the legacy of the painter, folk musicologist, filmmaker, obsessive collector and underground legend. It also…

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