How a Novelist Became a Pop Star

“I hope you fall in love, I hope it breaks your heart” is the refrain (in English translation) of “Pasoori,”…


What Is a Song?

Is it simply the music flowing out of your earphones? According to the law, the answer is a bit more…


Taylor Swift Needs to Become Other People

The biggest cultural news of the month is that a lot of people are kind of “meh” about Taylor Swift’s…


A Brief Guide to Who’s Who on Taylor Swift’s ‘Tortured Poets’

Ex-boyfriends may be alluded to. Travis Kelce, too, fans believe. And some actual poets.


On ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ Taylor Swift Could Use an Editor

Over 16 songs (and a second LP), the pop superstar litigates her recent romances. But the themes, and familiar sonic…


Wyatt Flores, a Rising Country Artist, Has a Superpower: Tapping Emotions

The 22-year-old singer and songwriter makes music that touches listeners deeply. But his own trauma — coupled with his rapid…


Beyoncé’s Country Is America: Every Bit of It

On the bold, sprawling “Cowboy Carter,” the superstar plays fast and loose — and twangy — with genre.


The Retro Music Genre That Will Change Your Life

Classic rock rules. When the right song comes on the radio, I pretty much see God.


Same Old Song: Private Equity Is Destroying Our Music Ecosystem

Does that song on your phone — or on the radio — or in the movie theater — sound familiar?…


On ‘Deeper Well,’ Kacey Musgraves Is Closer to Fine

The country singer and songwriter’s fifth album of original songs is a study in quiet thoughtfulness rooted in gratitude.

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