The Sun


A Severe Solar Storm Is Hitting the Earth, and Auroras May Be Visible

Officials warned of potential blackouts or interference with navigation and communication systems this weekend, as well as northern lights as…


A Surprising Shadow Was Created by the Total Solar Eclipse

Viewers of last week’s solar eclipse were treated to stunning celestial phenomena up and down the event’s path during totality.…


My Faith Forbade Eclipse Gazing. Now It Inspires My Art.

As a child growing up in the Hare Krishna community in the United States, I was forbidden to be outside…


Northern Lights Could Appear Farther South in U.S., Forecasters Say

A geomagnetic storm could produce captivating streaks of green or reddish light in the skies this weekend, said researchers who…


When, Where and How to Watch the Annular Solar Eclipse

The so-called “ring of fire” will grace the skies of the Western Hemisphere on Saturday.


The Mysterious Comets That Hide in the Asteroid Belt

What do you expect to find in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter? Unsurprisingly, asteroids — millions of bits…

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