As Turkey Cuts Trade Ties, Israel’s Isolation Grows

Turkey said it would not resume trade with Israel until a “permanent cease-fire” in Gaza. The move came after a…


Biden to Call for Tripling Tariffs on Chinese Steel Products

In a speech to union steelworkers in Pittsburgh, the president will announce several new measures meant to raise new barriers…


A New Tax on Imports and a Split From China: Trump’s 2025 Trade Agenda

Former President Donald J. Trump is planning an aggressive expansion of his first-term efforts to upend America’s trade policies if…


Chinese Traders and Moroccan Ports: How Russia Flouts Global Tech Bans

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine last year, engineers at Convex, a Russian telecommunications company, needed to find American equipment to…


Lawmakers Call for Raising Tariffs and Severing Economic Ties With China

A bipartisan congressional report recommended revoking permanent normal trade relations with Beijing.


Should Big Tech Get to Write the Rules of the Digital Economy?

One reason that the idea of free trade has fallen out of fashion in recent years is the perception that…


The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Successful Joint Venture

For more than a quarter century, the fortunes of the United States and China were fused in a uniquely monumental…


Biden’s Pacific Trade Pact Suffers Setback After Criticism From Congress

The administration will no longer try to announce the completion of the trade terms this week, after prominent Democrats objected…


U.S. Scales Back Hopes for Ambitious Climate Trade Deal With Europe

A negotiating deadline is quickly approaching, and the United States has lowered its expectations for a groundbreaking trade deal.


The Nets Fell Apart From the Top

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have become the faces of their superteam’s failure, but the Nets leadership could have averted…

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