Teaching With The New York Times: A Virtual Summit

Journalism helps us navigate a complex world, shines a light on the truth, and provides analysis, insight and context to the most pressing issues of our day. In this summit for educators and librarians, The New York Times Education and Library Subscription Program brings you a series of discussions featuring Times journalists, leaders in education, and the staff members who produce research and education tools at The Times.

Join us as we take a peek behind the curtain at the innovative and urgent work in our newsroom, as well as engage in informative conversations on the tools, resources and tips that can help educators and librarians use journalism as a method for learning and growth for their students and communities.

This event aims to inspire educators from high school to higher education — and librarians of all kinds — with insight and ideas on the world of journalism and how to make it part of their curriculum and programming.

March 22, 2022

3 p.m. Eastern time Summit Kickoff with the Times columnist Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman, a New York Times Opinion columnist, discusses helping today’s students become global citizens by understanding the world through journalism.

4 p.m. Newsroom Discussion

“Choose Your Own Adventure with Headway”: A panel conversation with the journalists behind The Times’s ambitious new Headway project, which invites readers to be part of the journalistic process via its Public Square.

5 p.m. Bringing The Times into the University Classroom

Join a panel of professors and leaders in higher education for a practical conversation on the complex questions of contemporary learners and how colleges and universities can foster critical thinking by bringing reporting and journalism into postsecondary learning.

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March 23, 2022

2:30 p.m. Live! Puzzle Challenge With New York Times Games

Join a live solve with Sam Ezersky and Wyna Liu, Times puzzles editors.

3 p.m. Newsroom Discussion

“Navigating the Truth”: A panel discussion on media literacy and accountability in an age of misinformation.

4 p.m. Research Webinar

The New York Times, Past and Present: Jennifer Parrucci, a New York Times senior taxonomist and archivist, dives into the history of the Times archive and discusses how teachers and librarians can make use of TimesMachine — our searchable, browsable database of every published paper between 1851 to 2002 — as a powerful tool for research and learning.

5 p.m. Teaching Webinar

“Bringing The Times Into the High School Classroom”:Join the team behind the Learning Network to discover how a Times subscription can help your students better understand the world, hone their writing voices, practice real-world data literacy and much more. We’ll take you past the front page to give you practical ideas for bringing the world into your classroom with The Times.

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