A New Line of Cookware Designed With Thomas Keller

The cookware from the California company Hestan is made in Italy and designed for the professional and the amateur. The professional side just received an upgrade with a new line designed with input from the chef Thomas Keller. He insisted on pans that were more generous in circumference to suit larger burners in restaurant kitchens (and to accommodate the professional-style ranges that serious home cooks often buy). And he has also put his stamp on some shapes like a wide, two-handled rondeau and a saucier, new to Hestan’s inventory. The pans are stainless steel with an aluminum core, have handles designed to stay cool, are made with flush rivets on the inside for better cleaning and have two universal lids. Some come with nonstick finishes, though none have the company’s excellent Titanium finish that’s used in a different series of pans.

Thomas Keller Insignia series, sets ($249.95 to $1,199.95) or by the piece ($99.95 to $310),

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