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She Wanted an R.V. He Wanted a Sailboat. This Was Their Compromise.

Victoria Sass, an interior designer in Minneapolis, had long dreamed of owning an R.V. so she and her family could hit the open road with their living quarters attached.

“I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, with a Volkswagen van,” said Ms. Sass, 40, who had fond memories of traveling with her family in their mobile vacation home. She wanted her husband, Torben Rytt, and their three children, Duncan, 3, Irene, 8, and Walter, 13, to enjoy the same experience.

Mr. Rytt, who grew up outside Copenhagen, had other ideas: He wanted a sailboat.

“I’m from a boating family,” said Mr. Rytt, 45, a consultant for Nordic technology companies. “My parents met at a boat show, and we’ve owned boats since I was an infant. Every summer, we’d go sailing for five or six weeks.”

Mr. Rytt had no interest in an R.V.; Ms. Sass had no interest in a sailboat.

Victoria Sass dreamed of buying an R.V., but her husband, Torben Rytt, wanted a sailboat. They compromised on a 44-foot-long motorboat with living quarters.Credit…Chris Mottalini

So Mr. Rytt offered a compromise: What if they bought a motorboat with a large cabin that held a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters?

Think of it as an R.V. that just happens to float down rivers, he suggested, instead of rolling along roads.

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