Uga X made the trip to Indianapolis and met another famous bulldog, too.

The most famous bulldog in Indianapolis these days is Butler Blue IV, the mascot at Butler University.

But don’t tell that to the Georgia fans who idolize their bulldog mascot, Uga X, also known as Que.

Que is the latest star in a line of English bulldogs, owned by the Seiler family of Savannah, Ga., that have served as Georgia’s living, breathing athletic symbol since 1956. In his role since 2015, Que normally passes games at Sanford Stadium in Athens in an air-conditioned doghouse. The stadium, of course, has Uga lore beyond the hedges that line the field: Georgia buries its deceased canine mascots in marble vaults in Sanford.

Butler also has a tradition of revering its bulldogs — we visited Blue IV in 2020, when he was training for his new gig, and it was quite the showcase — but it is unclear whether the canines settled the matter of most doted-on bulldog when they met in Indianapolis.

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