Tens of Thousands Have Fled Rafah Since Monday, U.N. Says

Tens of thousands of people have fled since an Israeli call this week to evacuate part of the southern Gazan…


N.Y. Prisons Holding Mentally Ill People in Solitary, Lawsuit Says

A complaint filed by the Legal Aid Society and others accuses the state prison system of holding mentally ill and…


Two Dozen Bodies Brought to Rafah Hospital, Doctor Says

A Palestinian doctor at a medical center in Rafah said on Tuesday that 27 bodies had been brought there since…


Europe Is About to Drown in the River of the Radical Right

Europe is awash with worry. Ahead of parliamentary elections widely expected to deliver gains to the hard right, European leaders…


Getting Back to Basics on Free Speech

At colleges and universities across the country, from Cal Poly-Humboldt to Columbia, students have been protesting against the war in…


Covid Vaccine Side Effects: 4 Takeaways From Our Investigation

Thousands of Americans believe they experienced rare but serious side effects. But confirming a link is a difficult task.


In Taiwan, an Ancient Deity Draws Young Soul-Searchers

In a din of firecrackers, cymbals and horns, a team of devotees carried the shrouded wooden statue of a serene-faced…


Locks, Chains, Diversions: How Columbia Students Seized Hamilton Hall

Some of those arrested during the pro-Palestinian protest were outsiders, not students or others who appeared to be affiliated with…


The Cruel Spectacle of British Asylum Policy

Last week Britain’s Parliament passed a law that seeks to redefine reality. The Safety of Rwanda Act declares Rwanda a…


Flooding in a Kenyan Natural Reserve Forces Tourist Evacuation

The heavy rains that have pounded East Africa for weeks, killing hundreds, have now spilled into the Masai Mara, one…

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