How Parents of College Seniors Are Reacting to Campus Disruptions

No matter their opinions on pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campus, many parents are angry that final semesters and graduations have been…


Getting Back to Basics on Free Speech

At colleges and universities across the country, from Cal Poly-Humboldt to Columbia, students have been protesting against the war in…


City College, Against Its Nature, Asks Police to End Campus Protest

The public college based in Harlem has a long history of radical politics and activism.


A New Issue Flares in the 2024 Race: Campus Protests

With tensions escalating and Republicans pouncing, President Biden finally weighed in and sought to increase the distance between himself and…


When Closing a Very Small Campus Is a Very Big Deal

The first day teaching as an adjunct professor at a new university can be daunting: finding your way around campus,…


Class of 2024, It’s Not in Your Head: The Job Market Is Tough

Here is a brutal fact for the college class of 2024: There aren’t enough college-level jobs out there for all…


That Giant College ‘Sticker’ Price Isn’t What Most Students Pay

The share of those paying the full advertised cost has declined over the last couple of decades, a new report…


Some Colleges Will Soon Charge $100,000 a Year. How Did This Happen?

Some Vanderbilt students will have $100,000 in total expenses for the 2024-25 school year. The school doesn’t really want to…


Elite College Admissions Have Turned Students Into Brands

“I just can’t think of anything,” my student said. After 10 years of teaching college essay writing, I was familiar…


A 500-Year Old Chapel, 438 Solar Panels and an Architectural Squabble

King’s College Chapel in Cambridge is one of several British landmarks that have installed solar panels, gratifying climate campaigners and…

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