For Columbia and a Powerful Donor, Months of Talks and Millions at Risk

Columbia University has faced enormous public pressure over protests. But emails and interviews also show some of the private demands…


What I’d Assign to Today’s College Students

My weekend column used this season of campus protest as an opportunity to discuss the evolution of Columbia’s core curriculum,…


Locks, Chains, Diversions: How Columbia Students Seized Hamilton Hall

Some of those arrested during the pro-Palestinian protest were outsiders, not students or others who appeared to be affiliated with…


As Protests Grow, Universities Choose Different Ways to End Unrest

Columbia has taken the spotlight after twice asking the police to quell pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campus. Brown University chose a…


Hamilton Hall Has a Long History of Student Takeovers

Hamilton Hall, the building at Columbia University that protesters occupied early Tuesday morning, has been occupied several times by student…


Student Protester Is Suspended After Anti-Zionist Video

Khymani James, a Columbia University student, was barred from campus after his January video resurfaced online last week.


Columbia Tells Protesters to Clear Out Encampment or Face Suspension

University officials have given students, who have occupied a central lawn on campus for nearly two weeks, until 2 p.m.…


Columbia Protests: The Musical

Students at the university staged “Mayday,” a show that satirizes the administration, especially the beleaguered president, Nemat Shafik.


What Students Read Before They Protest

When I was a college undergraduate 25 years ago, the fancy school that I attended offered what it styled as…


What Columbia Should Have Learned From the Protests of 1968

Sending in the police to arrest students only inflamed tensions on campus then. Why would this time be different?

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