OpenAI Releases ‘Deepfake’ Detector to Disinformation Researchers

The prominent A.I. start-up is also joining an industrywide effort to spot content made with artificial intelligence.


Role-Play With Your Friends as Influencers Dying to Go Viral

The horror video game Content Warning, a surprise hit, lets players microdose as momentary celebrities on the fictional website SpookTube.


Elon Musk Clashes With Australian Court Over Violent Videos on X

Mr. Musk’s defiance over removing content is testing the boundaries of international legal systems.


Canada Wants to Regulate Online Content. Critics Say It Goes Too Far.

A bill introduced by the Canadian government to safeguard against online harms has stirred opposition from free speech advocates.


France Fines Google in A.I. Dispute With News Media

The French competition authority said the tech giant failed to negotiate fair licensing deals with media outlets and did not…


Google Joins Effort to Help Spot Content Made With A.I.

The tech company’s plan is similar to one announced two days earlier by Meta, another Silicon Valley giant.


Dark Corners of the Web Offer a Glimpse at A.I.’s Nefarious Future

In the hands of anonymous internet users, A.I. tools can create waves of harassing and racist material. It’s already happening…


Topics Suppressed in China Are Underrepresented on TikTok, Study Says

The report, from the Network Contagion Research Institute at Rutgers University, could raise new concerns about whether Beijing influences the…


Pornhub’s Parent Company Admits to Profiting From Sex Trafficking

The company that operates Pornhub and other adult websites has agreed to pay damages to women who said pornographic videos…


Illicit Content on Elon Musk’s X Draws E.U. Investigation

The inquiry is perhaps the most substantial regulatory move to date against X, which has seen a rise in incendiary…

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