Medical Debt Shows Up Less Often on Credit Reports

But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said 15 million people still had medical bills in their files, which can make…


‘Pay Later’ Lenders Have an Issue With Credit Bureaus

Shoppers in recent years have embraced “buy now, pay later” loans as an easy, interest-free way to purchase everything from…


Bipartisan Tax Bill Is Stuck in Senate Limbo After Broad House Approval

The measure would expand the child tax credit and restore three popular business tax breaks. But Senate Republicans have rejected…


Outfits of Epic Proportions

Intricate textures, big chunky shoes and futuristic silhouettes were prevalent in the crowds at Paris Fashion Week, where Japanese labels…


Car Deals Are Easier to Find but Lenders Are Tightening Their Terms

It has become harder for some borrowers to get affordable car loans as banks and dealerships face a rising number…


Josh Brolin Never Thought He’d End Up in Malibu

How the “Dune” actor made a home in a place he once resisted.


Another Chinese Property Giant Faces a Creditor Who Wants It Dismantled

Country Garden was once China’s biggest developer but ran out of money. A lender is taking it to court in…


AT&T Offers $5 Credit to Customers Affected by Service Outage

Thousands of customers lost service on Thursday when the telecommunications company ran into problems while trying to expand its network,…


Looking for a Lower Credit Card Interest Rate? Good Luck.

Comparison sites often emphasize the big banks’ offerings even though smaller banks and credit unions typically charge significantly less.


Where the Ferris Wheel Is by Basquiat and the Carousel by Keith Haring

audience report Where the Ferris Wheel Is by Basquiat and the Carousel by Keith Haring Luna Luna, an art carnival…

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