Barron Trump Is Picked to Be Delegate at the Republican Convention

After years in which his privacy has been fiercely guarded and he has been kept out of the political arena,…


How Six-Week Abortion Bans Went From Fringe to Reality

Even opponents of abortion saw such curbs as too controversial just over a decade ago. Times have changed.


Florida’s Six-Week Abortion Ban Is Now Law, With Political Implications

The ban, which took effect on Wednesday, was part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s push into cultural conservatism. But Florida politics…


Biden to Give Abortion-Focused Speech in Florida, Tying State Ban to Trump

The Biden campaign has made abortion one of its top issues, as polling shows it is one of the few…


Putting Abortion Question to Florida Voters is Unlikely to End Court Fights

Though the Florida Supreme Court allowed a ballot question on expanding abortion rights, it also laid out a way for…


Florida Court Rulings Pose Risks for House Republicans on Abortion

The twin decisions have all but guaranteed that voters will have the issue on their minds in November, bringing potential…


University of Florida Eliminates All D.E.I.-Related Positions

The move complies with a state law that barred public universities from using government funds for initiatives that promote diversity,…


Can Either Party Hold It Together Until November?

The Republican Party of the Sunshine State, the NBC News reporter Matt Dixon writes in SWAMP MONSTERS: Trump vs. DeSantis…


Florida Suspends Bill to Protect ‘Unborn Child’ After I.V.F. Ruling

The News Republican lawmakers in Florida sidelined a bill this week that would allow civil lawsuits over the wrongful death…


In on the Joke at the First-Ever Florida Man Games

A mullet contest, a “mud duel” with pool noodles, an “evading arrest” obstacle course — and a chance to mull…

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