Meet My A.I. Friends

Our columnist spent the past month hanging out with 18 A.I. companions. They critiqued his clothes, chatted among themselves and…


I Love Facebook. That’s Why I’m Suing Meta.

While it’s become fashionable to dump on the aging social media platform Facebook, I quite enjoy using it. Many of…


How Can Our Friends Choose a Realtor Other Than My Husband?

A reader is angered by friends who list their homes with other real estate brokers — sometimes without giving his…


It’s Always a Good Time for an Oyster Roast

How to host an outdoor seafood celebration during a Northeastern winter, according to the founders of the newsletter The Perfect.


‘The Trump Effect’: Lost Friends and a Jaundiced View of Humanity

More from our inbox: Is the Red-Blue Divide Overblown?The Tiresome ‘Mean Girl’ TropeVote for Problem Solvers, Not ComplainersBackyard Skating RinksCredit...Gabriel…


Why Write? Hisham Matar Relishes Its ‘Magnificent Failure’

Matar won a Pulitzer Prize for his memoir, “The Return,” mourning his homeland and his father. In his new novel,…


Watch Matthew Perry’s Best Performances

Perry will always be remembered as Chandler Bing. But he had a long and varied career that included films and…


Matthew Perry, Star of ‘Friends,’ Dies at 54

Mr. Perry, who died on Saturday, was best known for his role in “Friends,” the NBC sitcom that followed a…


Why Do Men Insist I’m Not Perimenopausal After I’ve Told Them I Am?

A reader wonders how best to call out male friends and co-workers when they dismiss her assessments of her own…

Real Estate

Two Irish Guys in New York: Fast Friends Make Fortunate Roommates

They were relieved to find a new two-bedroom in Brooklyn, and surprised by the hearty welcome they got as the…

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