Macron Adds a Personal Touch to His Diplomacy With China

The French president took Xi Jinping to his childhood haunts high in the Pyrenees, hoping to forge a bond. If…


Macron and Scholz Meet, Looking to Patch Up Differences on Ukraine

The leaders of France and Germany will try to heal an increasingly public rift over their approach to the war,…


Opposition Blasts Macron for Risking Escalation in Ukraine

The French president attempted to forge a united front on a harder line against Russia. But few were persuaded.


Seeking to Unsettle Russia, Macron Provokes Allies

The French president’s openness to Western troops in Ukraine signaled a quest for military resolve. But some allies felt blindsided.


France’s President Condemns ‘Manhunt’ Against Gérard Depardieu

Emmanuel Macron broke with his culture minister, who had called comments made by Depardieu in a documentary a “disgrace.” The…

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