How Gen Z Made the Crossword Their Own

30-Across: “___ and dry food (categories I will now be using to describe human food. Oh, so suddenly it’s weird?)”…


Da Vinci’s Been Dead for 500 Years. Who Gets to Profit from His Work?

Italian officials and a German puzzle maker are battling over a 1,000-piece puzzle bearing the image of the artist’s “Vitruvian…


Will Shortz, New York Times Crossword Editor, Says He Is Recovering From a Stroke

Mr. Shortz, who has been with The Times for three decades and also hosts NPR’s “Sunday Puzzle,” said on Sunday…


Need a Home for 80,000 Puzzles? Try an Italian Castle.

Meet the Millers, George and Roxanne, proprietors of the world’s largest collection of mechanical puzzles: physical objects that a puzzler…

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