Weinstein to Appear in Court for First Time Since Conviction Overturned

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced former Hollywood producer, is set to appear in a Manhattan court Wednesday in what could be…


How a New Trial for Harvey Weinstein Could Again Test the Legal System

A new jury would hear from only one or both of the women whom he was convicted of assaulting, in…


What Weinstein’s Overturned Conviction Means for His California Case

Harvey Weinstein faced similar sex crimes charges in New York and California, but the arguments used to overturn one case…


What Does Weinstein Reversal Mean for #MeToo?

The decision by the New York Court of Appeals is linked to legal weaknesses in the case, our reporter says.


Paula Weinstein, Hollywood Veteran and Political Activist, Dies at 78

Raised by a McCarthy-era rebel, the producer and journalist Hannah Weinstein, she followed her mother’s path into movies and television,…


Amnon Weinstein, Who Restored Violins From the Holocaust, Dies at 84

Many had been left behind by victims of the gas chambers. He let the instruments be heard again in melodic…


‘She Said’ Review: A Quiet Thriller That Speaks Volumes

In February 2020, a New York jury found Harvey Weinstein, the producer whose films had won dozens of Oscars, guilty…

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