The Teenage Witches Are Growing Up

New books by H.A. Clarke, Robert Jackson Bennett and Micaiah Johnson.


Practical Magic: The Lucrative Business of Being a Witch on Etsy and TikTok

Modern witches no longer lurk in dark alleys or operate out of the back rooms of stores, you can instead…


6 Terrific Witchy Y.A. Novels

S. Isabelle, the author of “The Witchery” and its sequel, “Shadow Coven,” recommends some of her favorite Y.A. novels about…


Two Books Explore the Lives of Witches

In Allyson Stone’s “Ashes and Stones” and Diana Helmuth’s “The Witching Year,” authors confront ancient stereotypes through modern eyes.


India Struggles to Eradicate an Old Scourge: Witch Hunting

Once driven largely by superstition, the brutal practice is now often simply a tool to oppress women, in many cases violently.

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